LED voltage stabilizer

LED voltage stabilizer

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LED voltage stabilizer


Voltage-lowering converter. This device allows for safe, stable power supply of electronics at a stabilized dc constant voltage. Thanks to it, we can get the lower needed power from a higher voltage.

Resistors pre-installed in LED strips are adapted to 24V DC voltage. During engine operation, the voltage in the truck may increase. A voltage stabilizer is required for stable LED operation. why? The LEDs (LEDs) are very "chachne" and would like to draw as much current as possible. The LED that "eats" all available current will begin to heat up, which will lead to overheating and damage to its structure! It is therefore necessary to have a caregiver in the form of a resistor, which will limit the amount of current "eaten" by the diode. LED tape in such conditions (power supply above 24V) can burn in a very short time after installation.

Input power: max 30V

Power output: 21V

Output current: 2A DC

Frequency: 150 kHz

Short circuit protection: power transmission, Auto -CV

Size: 29.1 x 63.3 x 69.3 mm

Operating temperature: -20°C - +60°C

Number of pieces included
Operating voltage
24 V
IP 20
Order lead time
1 - 7 days
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