You don't like wrapping presents? We will do it for you! Do you want to make someone happy, but you do not have time or do not know how to wrap a gift originally? Leave it to us! We will professionally wrap the gift and decorate it with satin ribbon, giving the whole an exclusive character. Then just give or send a beautiful-looking gift to the person you want to give.


How much does gift packaging cost?

The price for wrapping presents is PLN 24.60. If you want to divide the ordered products into several packages, you will pay for each one separately.


Do you want to send a gift directly to the recipient?

If you want to surprise someone, we can deliver a gift on your behalf. Enter the recipient's address as the delivery address at the end of the order. Enter your address as the invoice address. We do the rest. We can send the order only to one address. If you want to surprise a few loved ones, you must create a separate order for each.


When will the package be delivered?

We strive to ensure that every gift is wrapped perfectly. Therefore, the delivery time may be extended by 1-2 business days.


Will the packaging be damaged during transport?

We always put products intended for a gift in the shipping box so as not to damage the beautifully packaged order.


Is the invoice in the package?

We put the invoice for the goods in the package only when picking up personally. When shipping, you'll only find it in an email.


Is it possible to return products packed for a gift?

Yes, even in the case of gift packaging, the customer has the right to return the products. However, this only applies to the products themselves, not the decorative packaging.