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Decorating techniques


We change the rules of the game, presenting a modern decorating technique where full color, diverse assortment and no additional cost of dies become a real scenario.


Embroidery is considered one of the oldest techniques of decorating clothing, it is also considered the most stringiest technique and at the same time offering the best quality. If suitable threads are used, it has excellent resistance to cooking and chemical washing.


The latest technology that allows you to print on shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, children's bodysuits and many other things from one piece! Prints meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standards. The condition is the cotton content of the material at a minimum of 85% so that the prints are resistant to washing.


The technique of transferring pigment under very high pressure and high temperature into polyester materials (mostly white). Especially recommended for breathable sports shirts, polyester bags, screen sills, flags.


Decorating technique consisting in applying paint, by pressing it through a specially made previously made matrix (mesh). Screen printing is mainly used for textiles, but with the right choice of paints and the method of fixation with saying can be printed on gadgets, cartons, etc. The technique is clearly cost-effective for larger inputs (from 30 pieces). A larger quantity guarantees a lower price.


The method of creating prints, which consists in plotter or laser cut out of the pattern from the adhesive-coated film, and then heat it into the material with a thermocouper. Flex does not require the preparation of dies. This technique allows you to make reflective, metallic and very smooth prints, as well as achieve the effect of stiffness. It is most often used to decorate prints or personalize clothing. It is profitable even with low costs, there are no additional costs of preparation.


The graphic is applied to a special primer and then transferred to the target material. Subliflock allows you to achieve any tonal transitions and multi-colored graphics. The surface of the finished decoration is covered with a delicate mishmash.


To the touch, the technique is somewhat similar to subliflock. Very durable, resistant to washing and mechanical damage. Flock comes in predefined colors (white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, gray, navy blue) which is why this technique is ideal for single-color prints without tonal transitions.


Very interesting technique, used wherever it is necessary to ensure proper visibility. It is possible to print both in the form of traditional belts (it is popular, for example, heating belts on Master clothes), as well as more complicated forms such as logos or inscriptions (also custom fonts).


Embroidered patches glued with a special thick material, and then sewn with a special stitch. Performed mainly for the needs of the army and uniformed services. They are characterized by rigidity, professional and exclusive appearance.


Special polyester material matte or glossy is colored with customer graphics. The surface of the special patch (as opposed to embroidered) is smooth. Made patches are sewn to clothing or gadgets. The finished product is characterized by very high resistance to washing. Ideal for large and small inputs. Recommended especially for personalization (first-face patch).


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